The primary aim of our laboratory is to develop researchers and engineers who can tackle future energy issues from the standpoint of industrial wastes. Amid concerns over the depleting fossil fuels, nuclear power is an energy source which can stably supply power. One of the features of nuclear power is that it doesn’t emit carbon dioxide, a factor in the global climate change. Safe and ensured disposal of radioactive wastes is an important condition for us to use nuclear power in a stable manner.

The accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, which was triggered by the massive earthquake on March 11, 2011, released a huge volume of radioactive nuclides into the environment. Now a wide range of soil decontamination and environmental reclamation are pressing issues for us. In order to proceed with those businesses, it is crucial to appropriately handle and dispose of wastes created by the disaster. We also have to face up to many challenges in the course of decommissioning the Fukushima Daiichi plant based on the mid- and long-term roadmap.

Our lab has come up with a number of achievements in advanced research mainly on nuclear waste disposal and sent to society many young experts dealing with environmental issues. It is our responsibility to continue these activities for the future of our society.

Major research equipment

image002 Liquid chromatograph (HPLC)
(SHIMADZU, UV detector: SPD-10Avp)

image004 Inductively-coupled plasma emission spectrometer

image006 Atmosphere controlling glove box
(Yamahachi & Co., Ltd., System 2000-M)

Equipment in our possession

Atom force microscope, electron scanning microscope, quadrupole mass spectroscope, ion chromatograph, clean bench, ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer, Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer, total organic carbon meter, atmosphere controlling glove box, inductively-coupled plasma emission spectrometer, and liquid chromatograph.

Shared use

Central Institute of Isotope Science, Hokkaido University (handling unsealed radioactive material)